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The Current Edition

The Climber's Guide to the Olympic Mountains is the ubiquitous climbing guide for Washington's Olympic Mountains. It is authored by Olympic Mountain Rescue (OMR) and published by The Mountaineers. The first edition of the guidebook was published in 1972. Now, the guide is in its fourth edition, published in 2006 and re-named Olympic Mountains - A Climbing Guide.

The fourth edition of the Climber's Guide provides a major expansion of the very successful 3rd Edition. Historically, this Guide has emphasized Alpine Climbing and High Alpine Traverses. The scope of this new work has been expanded to now include new chapters covering: Classic Alpine Rock Climbs, Crags and Sport Routes and Bouldering Locations (get out your crash pads). The existing chapters providing Introductory Information, Ski/Snowshoe tours and Mountain Safety have been expanded and updated, as has the entire book. Without compromising the book's primary purpose (detailed and accurate information on mountain travel), great care was taken to add as much historical and biographical information as possible.

This new guide contains 366 pages and includes nearly twice the information provided by its predecessor. The author has made every attempt to continue the longstanding practice of providing detailed and accurate route descriptions for nearly every peak in the Olympic Range (over 300 peaks). To this end, approximately 50 new peaks and supporting route descriptions have been added. Lavishly illustrated to ensure maximum usefulness, the new book contains: 1) 60 quality photographs of the peaks, valleys, flora and fauna within the range; 2) Approximately 100 maps and peak sketches, all of which provide detailed information on roads, trails and routes. In addition to the detailed description, each route provides the degree of difficulty (climb rating) and the expected time required for the average party to reach the summit.

Summary of Editions

4ed 2006, 366pages
Front cover photo: Mount Mystery and Little Mystery from Mount Deception (same as back cover on 2ed)
Back cover photo: Mount Olympus
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1988, 260pages
Front cover photo: Mount Cruiser
2ed 1979, 240pages Front cover photo: West Peak of Mount Olympus
Back cover photo: Mount Mystery and Little Mystery from Mount Deception (same as front cover on 4ed)
1ed 1972, 222 pages
Front cover photo: Silhouetted climbers on Mount Olympus
Back cover photo: Mount Olympus