Ch 3. Constance-Buckhorn

Peaks in the Constance-Buckhorn Group are detailed in Chapter 3 of the Climber's Guide to the Olympic Mountains. This group is in the Northeast sector of the Olympic Mountains (see map below).

Mt. Constance is a very popular mixed snow and rock climb and to a lesser extent so are Inner Constance and Warrior Peak. There are many other challenges among the numerous towers and spires along the Constance ridges, Warrior Arm, and Alphabet Ridge. A road washout on the Dosewallips River road and the ever-tough trail to Lake Constance have lessened some climber interest to the easier routes, which are on the east face on Mt. Constance. Mount Townsend is  climbed year around and the peaks in the Marmot Pass area are popular early spring climbs and summer hikes.

Scanned page from the Climber's Guide showing the Constance-Buckhorn Group area.

Peaks in the Constance-Buckhorn Group (Sorted by Name)

A-Spire Lower Gargoyle
Aeterna Tower March Peak
April Peak Minaret
Brave, The Nun, The
Brave, The East Tower Papoose, The
Buckhorn Mtn Peak 6628
C-141 Peak Peak 6559
Cat's Ears Peak 6470
Cloudy Peak Peak 7022
Constance, Mt. Pyramid, The
Copper Peak (Mt. Worthington) Rottenrockel Spitz
Curiosity Peak Schellin, Peak
Desperation Peak Smith, Point
Destroyer Squaw, The
Enigma Stasis
Etcetera Spire Thumb, The
Ex-Spire Tower 6700
February Peak Townsend, Mt.
Finite Tower Turret
Hamilton Mountain Upper Gargoyle
Harrah, Point War Cub
Hawk Peak Warrior Peak
Infinity Tower Welch Peaks
Inner Constance
Why Spire
Iron Mtn
Wounded Knee
Lenten Peak
Zee Spire
Lichen Spire
Zion, Mt.