Ch4. Gray Wolf-Hurricane

Peaks in the Gray Wolf-Hurricane Ridge Group are detailed in Chapter 4 of the Climber's Guide to the Olympic Mountains. This group is in the Northeast sector of the Olympic Mountains (see map below).

The best climbing in this area can be found between Mt. Walkinshaw and Little Mystery with several peaks over seven thousand feet interspersed with interesting rock climbs above 5.0 on towers. More details can be found in the Alpine Rock Climbs section of the 4th Ed of the Climbing Guide.

Mt. Angeles near Hurricane Ridge is a popular climb almost any month of the year the road is open. It can be a challenging climb in the winter or an easy scramble in the summer.

Scanned page from the Climber's Guide showing the Gray Wolf-Hurricane Ridge Group area.

Peaks in the Gray Wolf-Hurricane Group (Sorted by Name)