Ch 5. Olympus-Bailey Range

Peaks in the Mt. Olympus-Bailey Range Group are detailed in Chapter 5 of the Climber's Guide to the Olympic Mountains. This group is in the Northwest sector of the Olympic Mountains (see map below).

Mount Olympus is the big draw for climbers doing peaks in this part of the Olympic Mountains. Typically it’s a three to four day round trip but speedy climbers traveling light have done it in less. There are a number of good summits surrounded by glaciers that are often overlooked by those trying to shave days.  West, Middle, and East peaks of Olympus can all be climbed in one day when weather permits. Another day allows Athena and Athena’s Owl to be included.

The Bailey Range is a popular traverse for climbers that often exit the mountains by including a trip over Mt. Olympus and going out the Hoh River valley, but many alpine hikers also do this traverse and exit by the South Fork of the Quinault or the Elwha. The climbs on this route are easy to moderate.

Scanned page from the Climber's Guide showing the Olympus-Bailey Range Group area.

Peaks in the Olympus-Bailey Range Group (Sorted by Name)