Ch 6. Quinault

Peaks in the Quinault Group are detailed in Chapter 6 of the Climber's Guide to the Olympic Mountains. This group is in the Southwest sector of the Olympic Mountains (see map below).

The climbing history of the peaks in this group goes back to the Press Expedition, the O’Neil Expedition, and several early outings by The Mountaineers.  Access to Mt. Olympus was via this part of the Olympics with encampments held in the Upper Elwha Basin.  Major peaks are Mt. Queets, Mt. Meany, Mt. Seattle, and Mt. Christie. Rock is firm in places and quite friable in others.  The peaks along the N. side of the Quinault River are of less interest to climbers and they see fewer climbing parties though the high alpine country can be quite beautiful.

Scanned page from the Climber's Guide showing the Quinault Group area.

Peaks in the Quinault Group (Sorted by Name)