Gibson Peak

Gibson Peak from Colonel Bob
Peak 4500 at left, Peak 4517 at right, others behind
Photo by John Myers

  • Elevation: 4517 ft (see corrections below)
  • Subpeaks: Peak 4500 (I,2), Peak 4451(I,2), Peak 4418 (I,2) - Previously denoted as main summit
  • Prominence: 1437 ft
  • Lat/Long:  N 47.47925 W 123.73219
  • Glaciers: None
  • Difficulty: Basic Snow or rock scramble
  • Best Months for Climbing: June, July, August
  • Year First Climbed: Not noted
  • First Successful Climbers: Not noted

  • Custom Correct: Quinault-Colonel Bob
  • Green Trails: Quinault Lake (#197)
  • USGS 7.5 Minute: Colonel Bob
  • Acme map


  • Route 1, Grade I, Class 3 via Pete’s Creek Trail

Guidebook Corrections and Updates
  • The current edition of the guidebook (4th) and the Colonel Bob 7.5m series USGS map label the summit at 4418 ft, which is the high point on the south end of the ridge.  However, the current USGS Board of Geographic Names position for the Gibson Peak summit places it on Peak 4517.  


Gibson Peak from Peak 4500 on Gibson Ridge (Peak 4517 at right)
Photo by John Myers