BR6 - Mt Ferry to Queets Basin

This route covers about 6 miles and is an easy day in good conditions. However, like most of the Bailey Range, it is very exposed to storms and fog. Much of it is on snow or well-beaten path over easy summits along the Bailey ridge crest. There is a steep drop-off into the Goldie drainage to the E. Most of the route stays close to this drop-off, making it a good landmark in bad weather.

Queets Basin is spectacular and vast, offering many opportunities for camping, exploration, and wildlife viewing. Bears and coyotes are often seen in the basin. The upper basin at Dodwell-Rixon Pass may be snowed in, depending on the time of year and the season's snowfall.

On the north end, this traverse can be linked with BR3 or BR4 (Cat Basin to Mt. Ferry) or BR5 (Mt. Ferry to Dodger Point). On the south end, this traverse can be linked with BR7 (Queets Basin to Elwha Basin), BR8 (Queets Basin to Glacier Meadows), or BR9 (Camp Pan to Bear Pass). See the published Climbers Guide for detailed approach information.


From the broad saddle between Ferry and Peak 6283 (Pulitzer), ascend the E shoulder of Pulitzer and descend to Lone Tree Pass. Elk are often seen below here in the Goldie basin. From here, ascend S to the top of the snow slope and continue SSW along the ridge crest to the top of Peak 6073, 0.8 mile from Lone Tree.

Descend on trail SE 100 ft. on the broad, barren ridge. Drop SW off the ridge, descending 300 ft. into a shallow, broad, snow-filled gully, following a faint trail then on snow to 5600 ft. Traverse SW 0.5 mile ona moderate, NW-facing snow slope to the top of a rock outcropping visible on the map NE of Peak 6193 (Mt. Childs). From here, cut left SSE, ascending 100 ft. to a low point in the ridge, and drop into a snow-filled canyon. Hike southerly 0.8 mile with Mt. Childs and sharp needle peaks to the W. The route goes through the canyon, then traverses on snow and rock to join up with the Bailey ridge crest, 0.3 mile SE of Peak 5961.

There is conflicting map data regarding the location of Bear Pass.  It seems logical to assume Bear Pass is the saddle overlooking Queets Basin, on the ridgeline to the SSW of Peak 5833.

Descend to, then ascend S on the glacier to Bear Pass. Pick up a good trail below the peak and go down the SSE ridge to the broad saddle between Peak 5833 and Mt. Barnes. From here, descend on easy terrain SW into Queets Basin to Dodwell-Rixon Pass.

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