SH1 - Gladys Divide to Lake of the Angels

This trip can be done in one long strenuous day from the Staircase Ranger Station. There is considerable elevation gain.  Distance is 10 miles by trail to Gladys Divide and about 4 miles off trail to Lake of the Angels. 

On the NE end this traverse can be linked with either SH2 (Lake of the Angels to First Divide) or SH3 (Upper Lena Lake to Lake of the Angels). See the published Climbers Guide for detailed approach information.


From Gladys Divide, descend NE into the Hamma Hamma River drainage to an obvious flat avalanche meadow.  It is difficult to contour across without losing elevation due to  gullies and slide alder. A direct traverse over Mount Henderson and Mount Skokomish is long and involves climbing problems.  From the meadow at about 4000 ft., climb NE up a draw to notches in the ridge extending S from Mount Skokomish.  Cross one of the notches to the cirque on the E side.  Stay high here and cross the ridge N of this cirque to the next basin, which is the source of Whitehorse Creek.  The lake at the head of the creek is Lake of the Angels.

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