SH3 - Upper Lena Lake to Lake of the Angels

This scenic traverse, crossing alpine meadows, is about 5 miles, and can be completed in a short day.   

On the SW end this traverse can be linked with either SH1 (Gladys Divide to Lake of the Angels) or SH2 (Lake of the Angels to First Divide). See the published Climbers Guide for detailed approach information.


From Upper Lena Lake, follow way trails southwesterly to the ridge S of Mt. Lena.  Continue through the pass approximately 1.5 miles SW of Scout Lake to the two lakes (Ulin's Bathtubs) on the fork of Boulder Creek E of Mt. Stone. Pass the upper lake and climb SW to a 5900-ft. pass (St. Peter's Gate) that separates the Boulder and Whitehorse Creek drainages.  Moderate snow and scree lead to this pass in the SE ridge of Mt. Stone.  Descend and work slightly W to Lake of the Angels at the source of Whitehorse Creek.

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